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My Story

People in Second Life usually don’t like talking about their Real Life hahaha 🙂 It is like a “virtual taboo” for me since I am exactly the same person behind the screen…So here we go, if you have the patience to read until the end…

I was born in São Paulo Brazil a long time ago, in a poor neighborhood. I started dreaming up fashion in my early teens, I remember I was 10 years old when I was watching those 70’s fashion models with those huge eyelashes and colored eye shadows with my little eyes open, I was totally fascinated…

Not long after this, I was 14 years old when I have started to work. My family thought that “work makes the simple man turns to a noble one”. The trivial settings at that time did not really excite me, I was very young, so I tried to work as a store seller in a pharmacy … but it did not work out until a friend of mine gave me a wonderful idea… She said “You can be a model, you are beautiful and different than the others and…. PLINK!!!…. my mind has started to work on the idea. In fact I was too short 1,67 was not enough tall for the runways, but the face could give a good broth soup! So I started doing my composite (is like a little portfolio) to present myself to models agencies.

It did not take long to start working in small campaigns… when a big label called me to runway, it was DuLoren, I still thought: I was too short! But that was what they wanted that time, because they were selling lingerie, and they needed to showcase panties and bras. Well , those underwear sets wouldn’t be showcased that great to the buyers on tall models.

I stayed at this job for almost 3 years, but something has bothered me in my head, which was this profession would not last long and I didn’t have too much money, so I started to study. I was also doing little campaigns as model and do handcrafted bijouteria to have a little more money. My mother taught me how to make crochet and my aunt tricot and cut and sew clothes.

I got my first job when I was 19 as a fashion designer, hahaha 🙂 I was drawing some coats designs which cost my entire salary per month, and I realized that I was never going to afford such things like I created. I was also fashion designing student during that period. I was manually drawing clothing designs and prints for fabrics (yes I was a designer that time LOL).

It was that school that I met the one who was going to be my husband until today. A classmate was dating him and I had seen him a few times, when he was coming to pick her up from the school. But I have had totally enchanted with my uber beautiful 190 cm Korean boyfriend, therefore Fernando did not have many chances….However what I did not know was, that classmate was working with Fernando who had a little business in fashion industry. The relationship between them was not going well, so she decided to give a break and go for a trip. Fernando did not have a fashion designer and came to talk to me, asking if I could work for him during that time as free lancer. Well of course I accepted, cause it was a good job and also good money…well, well, well my beautiful Korean boyfriend said to me that his family had arranged a marriage for him with a Korean girl, in a good traditional Korean family, so he could not continue to date me… Well my world rolled down and I felt like I was falling down from my starring sky…

After this happened, I opened my eyes… well Fernando was charming… and you know… in 3 months we have started to live together as a married couple ! hahaha until now! Last year we completed 30 years together.

After we married, we moved down to Santa Catarina (South of Brazil) and I started to work in a huge fashion industry , but sometimes, I was drawing as a free lance fashion designer for other companies. This job made me to get to know many places around the world, making fashion researches looking for
latest fashion trends. I worked for huge companies in drawing clothes and fabric prints in Brazil.

Afterwards, with a lot of experience in fashion world, I taught in professional fashion designing schools and published my own books of trends called The Fashion Way and The Label Way, they are still professional tools for Brazilian fashion designers. I had a long career in the fashion world, in fact more than 25 years.

During that time I had two children with Fernando. My eldest daughter graduated from Animation Cinema and my youngest son studies Astrophysics at the Federal University.

I started to get to know some online games and my husband saw the opportunities for me to work in virtual fashion industry, selling clothes and accessories in these games. After a year working in another game I met the legendary Second Life…. My God! I was so impressed with the entire fashion industry in this game, and serious one!

So I have started my career as a fashion designer in Second Life, 6 years ago. I have to say that it was very difficult in the beginning, I had to learn about many technical tools and how to deal with different segments of fashion in Second Life. Therefore, improved my knowledge in Photoshop, studied 3D modeling in Blender and Marvelous, studied photography, acquired marketing skills and sales strategies. I also needed to learn how to hire and manage employees to make all my team growing with me.

Today I have a huge team working and rapidly growing with me in a holding business in Second Life. There are many segments to take care with my manager and sister in soul Nice Wildrose (LOVE YOU HUGE). I feel privileged to have her with me. She is a fabulous person, besides being a great
professional who has been with me in business for a long time!

My Blogger team is for sure the cherry on the cake of JUMO. They are 25 wonderful photographers, models and virtual influencer’s and no doubt that they are the BEST! I will never stop thanking them for all their love, effort and amazing works they have been doing…Some of them are with me since I have started in Second Life, such as Lolita Paragorn, Lucemia and Madeleine Zenfold as well as the other fabulous ones.

JUMO is still growing and an increasing number of wonderful professionals have been working with us, they put a lot of effort into supporting and helping us to make my Second Life successful and for sure, full of happiness !

You might want to ask me about my Fernando?? hahaha 🙂 He is right here, by my side, in front the other computer. He is JUMO’s COO, working with me and loving me every day ♥

Ahhh just to let you know., if you read until here, I have to say that I think my story is just beginning !!!



2 thoughts on “About JUMO

  1. Iina Lammi says:

    Dear June,
    excuse me to disturb you by asking this question,but because i love your TMP outfits and i saw one,what is desinged just to fit with SLINK ,i want to ask ,can it be also as TMP. Outfit is called ” Palazzo Whiskey ” I love that Whiskey color soo much and i die without it. So i beg on my knees it can be with TMP too. Please Dear June,please !

    • junemonteiro says:

      Hello dear Lina,
      I was happy that you liked my look Palazzo, this dress was made in mesh and in my world shop you can try the demo. I have not tested it with the TMP body, but I think if you use with body alphas can work!
      Many dear kisses

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