Under the Lion

They say he is the king of beasts and symbolizing honor and love of offspring, it is a gregarious sign, which protects creates. The Leo knows the importance of the struggle for life. To survive, the native of this sign must be centered in itself, for the simple reason of being in the best way.

Leo is also the educator, one who gives the good example. And, although I like to be admired, knows give your love. With ardent and passionate temperament, it needs to be accepted and for that masterfully explores its capabilities. Loyal, courageous, fearless and loving, noble, need I say more ??

Asteria and AlexaAsteria and Alexa2Asteria and Alexa3Asteria and Alexa4 Asteria and Alexa6Asteria and Alexa8 Asteria and Alexa7 Asteria and Alexa5


What you saw under the sign of Leo:

Skin: Skin Alexa -:. JUMO :. Fashion and Beauty at Skin Fair
Head: Classic Mesh Head – The Mesh Project – The Shops
Dress: Crystal Mesh Gown Set LEO – Asteria Creations
Hair: Feline – Little Bones Group Gift
Jewelry: Consort Yellow Diamonds -:. JUMO :. Fashion and Beauty
Shoes: Shoes Diamond -:. JUMO :. Fashion – Group Gift at Jewel Island


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