Romantic Glances

Two designers are part of today’s post, two romantic ways to create!

Are they Luy Lady from Center Ville and Nile Karas from Flowerdreams, impressive techniques to create stunning looks that evoke dreams.
So in this spirit shipment and come dream with me ….



In this article you saw:

Black Dress – Centre Ville – Transparent Black Lace
Gold Dress – Flowerdreams – The Time Fairies of Gold

Skin: Hush – Chloe Bronze
Hair: Magika – Andarial and Calm
Jewelry – Kunglers – Ipomonea
Jewelry – Modern Couture – Baroc
Eyeliner – Jumo Fashion – Strong eyeliner
Eyelashes – Jumo Fashion
Nails – Mandala

Lipstick – Aeva – Pout Lips


2 thoughts on “Romantic Glances

  1. É simplesmente perfeito ver nosso trabalho sendo postado por alguém que além de profissional, sabe exatamente acrescentar o glamour que a peça merece. Muito obrigada June Monteiro!!

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