Boudoir – When the Creativity meets the Dream……….

It’s wonderful when we see a particular job, who take your feet off the ground, when put our heads with dreams and makes your skin crawl!
This feeling has a name Vitabela Dubrovna from Boudoir!
I will not speak of it only her creativity that is solely SUPERB but impeccable technique surpasses all expectations!
Vitabela Thanks for making me dream.
So from now on, come with me, and open your eyes to daydream, as I do not want to wake up anymore ……



Get your Limo here:

Dress: Boudoir – Vitabela Dubrovna – Noirette

Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie Med Tan

Hair: Truth Hair – Teddy

Eyes Makeup: Mons – Black Eyeliners Series 3

Lips: Technotis – Traits Lips – Black

Jewelry: Modern Couture – War earrings

Shoes: Diktator – Envy Black

Eyelashes: Jumo Fashion

Nails: Mandala – Long Nails


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