THE BEST TIPS SL is a weekly column that will help you produce photos of your products, in a very clear and practical way that will help you choose accessories, hair and make up to add value to the products that will be sold in your store . Please feel free to send questions , to comment and also to send your own tips , all are very welcome !


This week I’d like to start with one of the finest brands in Second Life , not only by the good taste in their creations , but also and especially for the technical and high quality of their products . Besides the variety of jewelry, you will find many more sets and spare parts to match the looks of your collection. Each piece in itself contains a myriad of combinations , enabling the exchange of the colors of metals , stones and sizes to add to your avatar and create an air of luxury and sophistication in each outfit . This is one of The Best SL Tips, just for you !

Image Image Image Image ImageImage Image ImageImageImageImage Image Image Image

Visit the store and enter the group to win the best gifts of Second Life !

Get your TAXI here :


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