News for Fall

In several sources we find the same references, but this is not something repetitive, but confirmatory!
I think this is great for the fashion industry, because we are not going around and experiencing what the market can or should like, this makes our creations become more assertive.
Let’s take a look at the perspective of the fashion blog “Oh My Dior”


Do you know the fall trends for autumn/winter 2014? One of my favorites is Gothic Fairy. Basically this trend tell us the story of a gothic princess that wears lace and velvet. It’s a feminine, delicate woman with a dark side. For make up we are going to see dark lips and pale skin. We will also see religious symbolism in prints, and lot of embroideryStuds, crosses, brocade, deep florals, and dark colors are essential elements.


The close to earth trend is based in earthy colours. We are  going to see many plaids and tartans. The look is going to be a little bit masculine. Many military touches combined with leather, tweed and suede. This story refers to a girl who works and lives in the 50s and has a tomboy inside of her. She wants to be one of the boys without loosing her feminine side.


Futurist is the last one, as usual is the most weird of all the trends. The materials are going to befuturistic fabrics, sequins and galaxy prints. Is going to be minimalist in detailing, but exaggerated in silhouettesMetallic finishes, abstract peplums and colour blocking with sequins. This trend tell us the story of a girl who is the principal character of a sci-fi movie, she is serious, she is strange but always sexy.


One of my favorite trends for a/w 2014 is Renaissance, it’s all about Creativity.  Defined as “a celebration of creativity and wealth with elaborate fashions to match” We will see many Renaissance paintings and small details as inspiration.

This trend is characerized by rich floral prints, clothes full of embellishments, black, gold, blue, yellow and red clours, plush fabrics and tapestry prints. The fabrics that will be used are: jacquard, velvet, tafetta and suede.


If you like jewellery this trend is such a great inspiration, you can use small stones and lots of gold touches in bracelets and necklaces.
For your hair wear braids in and old fashioned way. Redheads will be so in, just take a look at Renaissance paitnting and you will see many women with red hair.



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