SPRING/SUMMER 2014 reveals how we have evolved and are in a process of learning to adapt to our new environment.

Life has been speeding up at an incredible pace and we have been battling to keep up with it. Unknowingly our world has morphed and evolved around us whilst we have been busy racing.

Our reaction to this is to embrace change and newness without looking backwards, looking ahead to a new global lifestyle.

This has had a strong impact on trends, we no longer feel the restriction of defining individual narrow trends, instead we see colour as a continually evolving palette to be used tonally or mixed together as you choose. Applying fabrication and shape freely to suit need, without compromise.

In todays lifestyles there is no right or wrong, we want to move along with the crowd but still stand out. Nothing is as clearly defined as it was in the past, the boundaries have blurred between cultures, communities, the sexes and what is real or virtual.

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends | EVOLUTIONS






font: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com


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